About Me

Identity is a real thing. Mine goes like this:

I'm a mixed-race woman with an Ethiopian-Immigrant mom and a white American dad. 

I came of age in the 1980s, deep in the Midwest. 

Always an artist, I'm also an English teacher, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, a nutrition coach, a wife, sister, daughter, and mother.​ 

But no matter how hard I've tried to be anything else, the maker in me always creeps out. Making and doing with my hands and brain is what puts me in my most content state of being. 

Sometimes I'm...     
creating an entire room, walls and all;     
or sometimes I'm...     
preparing a feast from my imagination;      
sometimes you'll find me writing flash fiction  --or a memoir about my dad dying.     
Sometimes I'm building furniture; growing a garden; or designing a dress.    

And sometimes, sometimes I'm creating paintings like the ones on this website.

My singular purpose is to love and create with care and curiosity, and I hope the results invite others to celebrate humanity and marvel at what is possible. 

This is Hope and Faith. It's Determination and Direction. It's Problem Solving and Cooperation. It's the irresistible summoning of Art and Nature.